Besides its traditional application on microphones and lamps of all kinds, the Carniaflex flexible tube can now be employed for many other new purposes. With their special combination of flexibility and rigidity, flexible tubes can be used to create supports and arms whose position can be adjusted as needed.
Moreover electrical cables, optical fibres and tubes for liquids can be located into the gooseneck arm.

The Product

The Carniaflex flexible tube (gooseneck arm) can be bent into the desired position, which is then maintained without yield or vibration.
It is made of a steel or stainless steel spring surrounded by an external covering in brass, aluminium or steel.
It is supplied in coils of about 20 mt. in different external (from 4,0 to 25 mm) and internal diameters (from 1,5 to 16 mm) which allow to get different rigidities as specified in the technical sheets.

The flexible tube is available:

  • in rolls of 20 mt. approx.,
  • in pre-cutted pieces according to the required length,
  • or assembled according to drawing in the most different shapes and lengths.

It can be supplied raw or with a variety of surface finishes according to the material in which it is produced: painted, chrome-plated, nickel-plated, brushed and polished, covered by heat shrinkable poliolefine sleeve or textile or customer material, etc.


  • Gooseneck arms

    For interior, technical, industrial and medical lamps of any kind: wall, ceiling, floor, table, inspection and magnifying lamps

  • Microphone arms

    For table or conference microphones, integrated with headphones, for protective and sporting helmets, for buses and trucks

  • Supports and protective sheaths for fibre optic systems

    For interior and courtesy lighting, museums, inspection videocams and microscophes, instruments

  • Automotive and caravan uses

    Supports for handies, fans, lamps, microphones, wheelchairs and disable aid devices

  • Medical and electromedical applications

    Articulated arms for inhalators, healthcare facilities, instruments and tools, for the positioning of medical devices, surgical aids, examination lamps and videocameras

  • Supports for multimedial aids

    Computers, webcams, microphones, lamps

  • Industrial supports for machine tools and welding machines

    Goosenecks for examination lamps and magnifiers , instruments, fibre optic systems, tools

  • Supports for safety devices

    Protective screens, sensors

  • Interior decoration

    Supports for display layouts, bathroom lamps, exhibition layouts, unique products for designers, gift items

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