The courage of doctors, nurses and care teams who are helping patients in the face of this global pandemic is a source of inspiration and learning. While they work to treat the sick, Carniaflex is doing its part to help. We continue to work hard to supply components for medical technology products even in these difficult circumstances.

We are committed both to respecting the obligations imposed by the state to avoid the spread of the infection, and to keeping our employees safe, while we work to continue to be part of the “medical supply chain” all over the world.
We are aware that we are very small and that we produce very few products with respect to the needs of the world right now.

Because of this emergency, we have become aware of the importance of our small reality and the vast range of uses that our products have in the health sector in the world.
So we too, in our small way, participate in the sanitary supply chain: our “flexible metal gooseneck arms” are used as “articulated flexible arms” and “flexible supports with variable position” as components of more complex systems, by other companies that produce or that, in turn, they supply products necessary to make life-saving medical devices and not only, used to treat patients all over the world such as automatic and manual respiratory and ventilator systems, oxygen therapy machines, etc., hospital beds with their accessories for patient recovery, etc. Others products that we are machining, not specific to treat the pandemic, are always intended for the medical sector, are parts of systems intended for ordinary and extraordinary health care of patients ranging from infusion, to traumatology, orthopedics, dental, spinal etc.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is constantly changing. It upsets life all over the world, has changed and is changing the way we live and work. Communities around the world are experimenting in different ways how to deal with COVID-19, how to reorganize life and work. This brings us to the utmost attention protecting our employees. Implementing remote work options for employees and increasing safety measures to help mitigate the spread of the virus was our first goal right away.
Ours is a company manufacturing and machining and employees can work remotely are limited, however, we have moved to a labor approach more flexible production, where possible, always implementing the social distancing and prescribing additional hygiene measures like regular washing and disinfecting hands, we have increased the cleaning and sanitation of environment and workplace.

At this time our employees know they are the primary actors in their own health and that of people who are close to them in avoiding the spread of the pandemic. We require our suppliers to abide by the same rules as required by the state and to protect the health of their employees. Now more than ever we realize the collective responsibility of all of us and the importance of respect for others.

Signed by Carniaflex management