Environment Health, Safety Policy and Quality

Carniaflex to date has been characterized by our ongoing commitment to improvement with regard to the quality of the workplace and the low environmental impacts.

The goal of Carniaflex Srl is continuously improving its environmental performance in all activities, products and services of the organization and ensure the health and safety of all workers and all the people who work on its behalf, ensuring the prevention of risks related to work.

The Company Management is also aware of the responsibility of the activity towards the environment and the protection of the health and safety of workers; for this reason, the need to comply with mandatory legislation was assessed and an environmental and occupational health and safety management system certified according to ISO 14001: 2015 and ISO 45001: 2018 was adopted.

Therefore, the commitment of the company management can be summarized as follows:

  • comply with European, national and local environmental laws and regulations;
  • promote a culture of health and safety at work and environmental protection for all workers and to all stakeholders through continuous involvement of the same;
  • maintain control at the highest level possible to the satisfaction of the parties concerned, particularly those of customers, business partners, employees and partners;
  • manage and monitor processes with the System Environment and Health and Safety at Work on a “risk-based thinking”, allowing you to identify in advance the critical factors that could affect the proper environmental management and health and safety at work by minimizing the negative effects and valuing the positive ones;
  • maintain and improve environmental conditions in line with the evolution of technological knowledge;
  • improving the working environment, ensuring the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases;
  • promote at all levels continuous improvement through pollution prevention and mitigation of environmental impacts as well as those relating to health and safety arising from its activities;
  • keep current the procedures of management, both in environment health and safety, in order to enhance their performance and minimize any negative impact arising from possible emergencies;
  • promote awareness of the importance of compliance with environmental, health and safety at work by example and routine control
  • ensure maximum cooperation from all staff, to implement the system of environmental management and health and safety at work through a special training specific activity;
  • spreading the environmental policy and health and safety at work and certifications to all stakeholders;
  • have qualified suppliers that contribute with their attitude and their products, activities and services to better environmental management in order to lower environmental impact and ensure compliance with legislation on health and safety at work.

The Company Management is responsible for the dissemination, understanding and implementation of the environmental, health and safety at work policy to all parties involved and involved in the Company’s environmental, health and safety management processes.


Last update: January 28, 2020

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